The future of shift & fatigue management software for rail

The cloud-based SaaS Signal© solution enables clients, contractors and staffing agencies to automatically plan worker shifts, calculate HSE compliant fatigue, apply working regulation safety rules, issue digital timesheets, book and add, collate and update competencies from a single cloud based system. 

Some of the rail industry's most successful companies rely on Signal

Stay compliant, save money & work faster

Schedule compliant rail staff in seconds. Book by availability, preferred and top rated. Communicate with rail workers automatically, ensure working regulation compliance and see real-time fatigue scores. Signal also provides pay rate management and management of agencies and their staff. Signal almost contributes to your net reduction of your carbon footprint.

  • Automate worker fatigue calculations
  • Minimise unfilled shifts
  • Reduce time spent managing schedules
  • Reduce time spent managing competency data
  • Reduce no shows
  • Reduce timesheet authorisation times
  • Automate communication with workers
  • Eliminate manual timesheet entry for payroll
  • Reduce timesheet authorisation times
  • Automate actual finish times
  • Automate pay & cost calculations
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Real-Time Fatigue

Signal© automatically calculates fatigue in real-time for planned and actual hours, alerting management and workers in an instant.

Rail Rostering

Fast, high volume shift booking with working regulation alerts & controls. Manage cancellations, no shows and create reoccurring shift patterns.

Digital Timesheets on any device

Timesheets on any device, with digital signatures, GPS stamp and authorisation process. Automatically generate PDF timesheets based on any template design.

Signal Safety Guard Algorithm

Signal truly protects the workers safety at the point of rostering by combining real-time fatigue, travel time, working regulation, competence and site experience to ensure the right schedule is developed from a safety perspective.

Max Hours per Shift
Week Max Shifts in a Row
Door to Door Time
Travel Time
Planned & Actual Fatigue
Minimum Break
Min Hours per Shift
Week Average Hours
Custom Regulations

Master Vendor

Signal© provides full second tier supplier management. Main contractors can share shifts to agencies, and agencies can share shifts to second tier suppliers.

Travel Time & Working Time

Signal© calculates door to door time from the workers home location to trackside and can adapt to other accommodation addresses and hotels. Stabling points can also be used to cater for track machine operators and drivers.

Rail Specific Compliance Monitoring

Real-time coloured coded compliance to control passports, visa expiries and custom compliance levels for certain clients. Manage equipment, compliance documents and rail specific items such as Medicals and PTS.

The future of shift management

The Rail Industry faces some specific safety challenges when scheduling worker shifts. Shift administrators need to be able to manage hundreds of shifts quickly, automate safety calculations and engage with workers. Signal has been developed specifically to address these challenges and it replaces cumbersome, offline spreadsheets and dated systems. Signal’s key focus is safety and has been preventing danger to workers before they reach track side.

Signal has streamlined our workforce management saving us around 50% of the time and has almost completely automated our timesheet entry allowing us to focus more on customer service and safety.

Katie Hancock, Morson