Signal© lets you manage
rail worker shifts quickly and easily.


Computer screen showing Signal Shift Managment software
AWR Compliant Badge

AWR Working
Regulation Compliant

Real-time fatigue & risk management

Signal© automatically calculates and alerts on worker fatigue in real-time


Typical fatigue scenario chain of events



Fatigue Algorithm

Algorithm takes into account previous shift length, breaks, gaps and how challenging the workload is.

- Extremely demanding, no spare capacity
- Moderately demanding, little spare capacity
- Moderately undemanding, some spare capacity
- Extremely undemanding, lots of spare capacity

- All or nearly all the time
- Most of the time
- Some of the time
- Rarely or nearly none of the time
- Break frequency and length
- Length of continuous work



  • Assign workers against the shifts that they are compliant for
  • Assign only the workers that are available
  • Detect worker booking clashes
  • Real time fatigue & risk scores
  • Maximum working hours per week
  • Maximum number of shifts worked in a row
  • Minimum break between shifts
  • Maximum shift length
  • Maximum travel time to each shift
    (Dynamically calculates travel time using Google Maps.)
  • Identify booking clashes
  • Matches employees to duties & job titles.


Shift Working Regulations screen



  • Easy to use
  • Smart Search
  • Intuitive Layout









Signal provides a range of reports out of the box

Hours Worked
Excessive Hours
Excessive Hours Per Shift
Minimum Break Contraventions
Shift Clashes
Working+Travel Time Exceptions
Unfilled Shifts
Duty Type Shifts
Travel Time
Texts Sent


Messaging & Notifications

  • Automatically inform workers about shift changes
  • Share shifts with colleagues
  • Automatically inform companies about shifts
  • Email and Text sending options


Fast Implementation

  • Add companies and site locations.
  • Add or import your existing workers.
  • Assign duties, job types and pay rates to your workers.
  • Add individual or bulk shifts.
  • Share your shifts with other members of staff.

Security & Performance

  • SSL Encryption
  • Fast Cloud based Performance
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery


  • Export Payroll Information
  • Export Timesheet Information
  • Import workers automatically
  • Import site locations


The system provides a comprehensive set of reports that can be viewed or automatically sent at a preferred time.






Why Signal?


Desktop & Mobile Friendly

Signal looks and works in the same way across all devices

Well Documented

Video and quick guides provide fast learning resources

Easy to Use

Minimal training is required to use all of Signal's features

Lightning Fast

Signal has been built from the ground up to load quickly




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