Rail Fatigue Calculator

Signal offers an instant, real-time fatigue calculator removing any human error or intervention.

Signal’s realtime fatigue scores protect the worker by showing any potential scheduling risks upfront whilst the shifts are being planned. Training is also taken into account.

All the neccessary metrics are included in the fatigue score including; site location, travel time, hotel, shift time and break-time. As soon as any of these metrics are changed during scheduling, the fatigue score is instantly updated and displayed as a clear colour coded warning system. The score is displayed using both planned and actual hours.

Key Features

Fatigue Reports

Generate fatigue reports based on planned or actual hours by company, location, contract or worker.

Working Regulation Monitoring

Alerts for all working time regulations including maximum working hours per week, shifts worked in a row, minimum break and shift length. Create custom alerts and attach them to clients or individual workers.

Travel Time Monitoring

Signal© calculates door to door time from the workers home location to site and can adapt to alternate addresses like hotels. Automatically have the system calculate the workers book and off times as well.

Fatigue & Risk Calculator

The fatigue score takes into account the body’s circadian rhythm. This rhythm causes a person’s level of wakefulness to rise and dip throughout the day. Day shifts, night shifts and mixed shifts (falling across both some of the day and night) are all taken into account to assess a person’s risk of fatigue. The score also adapts to the nature of the work and can be fully tailored to a particular rail duty type and even site location or client.