Risk Assessments

Automate your exceedance, fatigue & risk based Risk Assessments on planned or actual hours.

Provide system wide regulations to control worker safety or setup specific regulations for certain client policies or individual employees.

Automatic Alerts & Risk Assessments

The red alert icon will immediately alert the user to show that an exceedance is present and display the detail on hover. A Risk Assessment will be automatically generated with an easy-to-use form to complete. A digital signature, time, date and location stamp is captured on completion

Alert Line Managers or Supervisors

The Fatigue Risk Assessment functions provides automatic alerts to the Line Manager, Supervisor or department of your choice for employees that have exceeded a safety rule including level 1 and 2 exceedances in additional to fatigue and risk.

Key Features

Risk Assessment Designer

Build your headings, comments and questions and use many different fields types from multi-choice questions, through to dates and free text fields. Build in your answers and assign weightings to each answer.

Risk Scoring System

Assign score values to questions and answers and assign the weighting of each. Once a Risk Assessment is completed, the score will be automatically assigned to a Low, Medium or High colour coded risk score.

Pre-Built Risk Assessments

Signal can also ship with a best practice Risk Assessment example forms for you to get start from