Master Vendor

Instantly share shifts across your suppliers & measure their performance

Signal© provides a master vendor platform to easily onboard suppliers, ensure worker compliance and fill shifts quickly and efficiently. Real-time dashboards gives you the edge so that you can make informed decisions at the right time.  Provide all the benefits of Signal's rostering software combined with powerful management over second tier suppliers.

Key Features

Master Vendor

Signal© provides full second tier supplier management. Main contractors can share shifts to agencies, and agencies can share shifts to second tier suppliers.

Supplier Compliance

Signal© ensures that supplier workers meet your pre-set compliance standards

Share multiple shifts in a single click

Signal shares shifts with your desired suppliers, automatically notifying them and that they are ready to fill.

Make better supplier decisions

Gauge the reliability, effectiveness, speed and profitability of suppliers in real-time.

Consolidated Reports

Report on master vendor and supplier figures combined or slice the data by various dimensions.

Share multiple shifts and fill them in seconds from the supply chain.

- Act as the master vendor
- Share shift to multiple second tier suppliers
- Supplier can accept/reject shifts
- Suppliers can shortlist ideal candidates for each shift
- The Vendor can accept or reject the candidate
- All parties are automatically updated
- Measure the vendor and supplier performance