Signal Overview

The most feature-rich software for managing your rail, construction, and plant workforce.

The rostering market is saturated with old products which lack the current technology, agile approach, security, appearance and ease of use that users expect in this digital age. Mass market tools and start-ups lack the functionality and complexity necessary for the Rail, Construction and Plant industries and including unique safety critical requirements.

Signal provides a new, rail specific, innovative approach and user experience combined with the depth of functionality required for rail, construction and plant.

Scale & Suitability

  • Enabling an Automated Rostering & Workforce World
  • Multi-Tenant, Enterprise Level Architecture
  • Scalable, configurable and easy to integrate with
  • Easily Configurable
  • Rapidly Customisable
  • Provide a Centralised Supply Chain
  • Exceptional User Experience

Ease Of Use

Exceptional experiences depend on capturing the real nuances of human interaction. Signal boosts engagement, lowers friction and increases desire to use the software.