Integrated availability made fast

Signal's availability view provides the entire worker list at a glance with the ability to easy capture availability and forward plan. Book holiday, training and custom leave statuses.

Medical Restrictions

Build custom statuses in Signal including 'Medical Restricted' statuses and temporarily restrict bookings whilst the medical issue is resolved.

Manage Training, Travel & Rest Days

Easily configure fatigue, risk and exceedance rules to apply the correct treatment to each type of availability, whether it be holiday, training travel or rest days. 


Key Features

Availability Calendar

Pro-actively store worker availability for day or night shifts allowing display of all available workers by speciality, most booked site and holiday.

Book via Availability

If availability matches a planned shift in Signal, book the worker in via a single tap.

Radius & Mileage Search

See which workers are nearest your work locations or from any location or postcode and roster them in in seconds.

Add Leave & Holiday

Allow workers to request leave via a simple tap on their mobile and approve requests in an instant.