Digital Timesheets

Full featured digital timesheets for rail with process automation

Highly configurable digital timesheets in day by day or weekly modes. Include multiple workers on the same timesheet and have it automatically or manually sent to customised or stored authorisors. Easily get digital sign off from supervisors or clients instantly online and export data to your payroll software to automate the timesheet process.

Timesheets on mobile or desktop, with digital signatures, GPS stamp and authorisation process. Automatically generate PDF timesheets based on any template design.

Timesheets capture actual hours and will automatically update the rostering element of the software, whilst updating the pay rate, charge rate and GP.

Key Features

Digital Timesheets on any device

Timesheets on any device, with digital signatures, GPS stamp and authorisation process. Automatically generate PDF timesheets based on any template design.

Time & GPS Location Stamp

All timesheets are digitally stamped with the workers GPS location and device for proof of signatures.

Payroll Integration

Use the Signal© API or design an export file in Signal© that suits your payroll system and export shift time data in batches.

Timesheet Administration

Full system for authorising, rejecting and commenting with real-time chat between payroll and user.

Signal works for Permanent, Contract or Temporary Staff

Cater for multiple types of staff in the same system by allowing Permanent staff to create their own timesheets, whilst mutliple temporary trackside staff can be put onto the same timesheet for authorisation. Integrate the timesheet data with payroll to elimate any manual entry of data.

Signal constantly reminds the worker and or client if there is an outstanding timesheet to approve, reject or sign.

Signal provides automatic PDF timesheet generation to match paper based timesheet formats or supports scanned timesheets.

Line Manager & Supervisor Timesheet Portal

The Line Managers are provided with a single weekly view of the employees they are responsible for allowing them to easily view and approve timesheets and view real-time timesheet statuses. Line manager can issue bulk reminder emails to employees.

Timesheet Statuses, Custom Fields & Task Codes

Create custom timesheet statuses, like 'Paid Leave' 'Annual Leave' and allow the employee to choose these. The Task Code editor allows a task code matrix to be created with a great amount of flexibility to designate the proper task for the worker based on worker type, project, sub project and specific site. Also build custom fields into the timesheet sign-off process.

Weekly Multi-Worker Contingent Labour Timesheets

Allow contingent labour supply agencies to issue weekly timesheets with break policies, minimum billing hours for swift digital timesheet signoff by supervisors at the route, depot or worksite level. Digitally signed timesheets provide an automatic receipting file with Purchase Order matching and Service Order Correction features.