Worker App

Provide the worker with everything they need for a successful, safe shift on the railway.

The Signal web app provides the worker with a simple, clean single view of their working week(s). Full details for the shift are visible which turn into a timesheet sign off process once the shift is complete. Easily show paid hours, capture project costs, manage travel shifts, availability and hotel bookings.

Key Features

Actual Start & Finish Times

Capture actual finish times from workers via mobile, GPS or manual entry. Automatically Export actual data from timesheets straight to payroll.

Automate Messaging to Staff

Hand pick or automatically inform workers and clients about shift changes via email, text or push notification.

Digital Timesheets on any device

Timesheets on any device, with digital signatures, GPS stamp and authorisation process. Automatically generate PDF timesheets based on any template design.

The easiest possible solution for the worker

Signal dynamically checks the workers travel before and after the shift (with options to increase or decrease this on a percentage basis to cater for delays) and provides automatic book on and off times for the worker. This tells the worker when to leave for the shift, travel time, meeting point and shift times.

The worker can be given the option to edit (or not edit) shift times, management availability, see cancellations, work gang and detailed information about each shift.