Plant Management

Easily manage your machine operators and plant at the same time.

Maintain Resource & Plant from a Single System

Signal provides an asset management module and plant worker scheduling software allowing you to setup multiple machine categories, machines and assets. Signal is a quick and easy plant rostering fatigue software.

Signal also ensures that particular assets are not double booked on certain jobs.

The functionality is designed to bring the rostering power of signal, along with it's fatigue scoring, risk assessments and digital timesheets to plant companies.

Machine Operator Competencies

Signal controls the competencies required for each machine and category so that you can easily roster the correct operators whilst maintaining safety and compliance.

Syrinx Integration

Signal offers a seamless Syrinx integration to allow hire contracts, shifts and operators to be automatically synced from Syrinx to Signal. This allows users to benefit from both Syrinx's features, alongside Signal's safety focussed rostering and timesheet features.

These features combined provide an effective fatigue management and rostering system for plant.

Key Features

Machine & Asset Management

Easily create Machine Categories, Machines and specific Machine Asset Numbers. Manage your fleet and ensure the same asset is tracked.

Attachment Asset Management

Create Attachment Categories, Attachments and Asset Numbers. Assign multiple assets to machines.

Machine Checklists

Create bespoke checklists with specific machine checks and apply them to Machine categories. Allow operators to complete daily safety checklists on the machines they are operating.

Syrinx Integration

Signal© provides a seamless Syrinx integration that can be configured for each company. Choose whether to sync hire contracts, operators and more.

Machine Competency Management

Ensure that operators must have the correct competencies and compliance to operate any of the machines or attachments on Signal.

Hire Contract Display

Display hire contracts and ensure operators and machines are scheduled successfully against them.

Automate Fatigue Scores

Signal© automatically calculates and alerts on worker fatigue in real-time and can be adjusted for each duty type.

Actual Start & Finish Times

Capture actual finish times from workers via mobile, GPS or manual entry. Automatically Export actual data from timesheets straight to payroll.

Under Utilisied Staff

Signal© monitors hours worked against all employees and can provide view of ‘hours worked’ against the employee list. Signal can produce alerts to identify under-utilised staff.

Easily assign assets and staff whilst maintaining safety

Signal's plant management rostering software allows seamless compliance with the Network Rail standards. Monitor real-time fatigue, issue automatic risk assessments and customise your own regulations.