Murphy Group, a prominent player in the UK construction and transport industry, faced the formidable challenge of efficiently managing thousands of diverse projects from a single application. To achieve this, they needed a solution that would streamline their staff rostering, integrate with existing software, and provide real-time fatigue and risk monitoring. Signal, a comprehensive workforce management platform, emerged as the solution to address these complex requirements.

The Challenge

Murphy Group's challenges were as diverse as their projects:

  • Efficient Staff Rostering: With over 5,000 staff to roster each week, spanning various specialisms, Murphy Group needed a solution that could quickly and efficiently manage this complex task.
  • Fatigue and Risk Monitoring: Ensuring worker wellbeing was a priority, and Murphy Group wanted to provide their staff with real-time fatigue and risk scores through a mobile experience.
  • Integration with Existing Software: Murphy Group had a range of embedded software that couldn't be replaced. They required a system that could seamlessly integrate with their existing applications while presenting the information in a user-friendly manner.

Key Solution Features

Signal's feature set addressed Murphy Group's diverse requirements seamlessly:

  • Travel Time & Working Time: Signal calculates door-to-door travel time from workers' home locations to project sites, accommodating other accommodation addresses and hotels. Stabling points were incorporated to cater to track machine operators and drivers.
  • Intelligent Shift Import: Signal learns from previous import files, allowing the rapid creation of extensive shift lists. Shifts can be imported from tables in emails or from existing systems.
  • Master Vendor: Signal offers comprehensive second-tier supplier management, enabling main contractors to share shifts with agencies, and agencies to share shifts with second-tier suppliers.
  • Real-Time Fatigue: Signal automatically calculates fatigue in real-time for both planned and actual hours, instantly alerting management and workers to potential concerns.
  • Actual Start & Finish Times: Capture actual finish times from workers via mobile, GPS, or manual entry, and seamlessly export actual data from timesheets straight to payroll.
  • Digital Timesheets on Any Device: Access timesheets on any device, complete with digital signatures, GPS stamps, and an efficient authorisation process. Signal can automatically generate PDF timesheets based on any template design.

The Solution

Signal proved to be the ideal solution for Murphy Group, allowing them to effortlessly manage a high volume of shifts across multiple sites and contracts while collecting real-time fatigue information to safeguard their workforce. Murphy Group was also able to enhance their operations by providing workers with access to their own fatigue and risk scores via a web browser, promoting worker wellbeing and awareness.

Key Integrations

Signal seamlessly integrated with Murphy Group's existing systems, enabling the flow of information and eliminating inefficient processes. Key integrations included:

  • HR System: Ensured automatic tracking of actual hours and simplified data management.
  • Data Warehousing: Streamlined data storage and accessibility.
  • Power BI: Enhanced data analytics and reporting capabilities.

Risk Management

Managing risk assessments was a significant challenge for Murphy Group. Signal provided a solution by allowing the creation of customised risk assessments using a basic form builder. These assessments could be sent directly to relevant employees through Signal or via email with supervisor oversight. Assessment results were stored and automatically assigned scores, helping with fatigue management and prioritisation.


Signal's implementation into Murphy Group's operations not only streamlined staff rostering but also significantly improved efficiency, compliance, and fatigue and risk monitoring. By leveraging Signal's diverse features and integrations, Murphy Group successfully met their complex project management requirements, resulting in substantial time savings and enhanced worker safety and wellbeing.

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