McGinley, a major UK recruiter specialising in the rail industry, found themselves dealing with a common challenge: existing systems were better suited for permanent contracts, which hindered resource managers when it came to quickly filling shifts. To address this, McGinley sought a solution that could speed up worker management, streamline fatigue calculations, and better meet Network Rail's requirements.

Solution Highlights

McGinley turned to Signal for a comprehensive solution that would address their unique needs:

  • Travel Time & Working Time: Signal's smart algorithm calculates the door-to-door time for workers, factoring in their home location to trackside commute and other accommodation addresses and hotels. This feature also considers stabling points, ensuring flexibility for track machine operators and drivers.
  • Intelligent Shift Import: Signal's ability to learn from previous import files enables the lightning-fast creation of extensive shift lists. Shifts can be imported from various sources, including tables in emails or existing systems.
  • Compliance Notifications: Signal helps reduce compliance risks by instantly alerting resource managers to industry requirements and potential issues.
  • Real-Time Fatigue: Signal's real-time fatigue calculations for planned and actual hours provide immediate alerts to both management and workers, enhancing safety.
  • Actual Start & Finish Times: Workers can conveniently capture their actual finish times using mobile devices, GPS, or manual entry. Signal's automation simplifies the export of actual data from timesheets directly to payroll systems.
  • Dashboard & Statistics: Signal empowers resource managers to measure various aspects of worker activity, including working time exceedances, hours worked by duty type, fatigue and risk levels, unfilled shifts, and door-to-door time. Reports can be generated on-demand within specified date ranges or scheduled for relevant personnel.

The Comprehensive Solution

Signal delivered a comprehensive rail software platform to McGinley, offering the following capabilities:

  • Onboarding Workers: Streamlined processes for onboarding workers and ensuring their compliance with industry regulations.
  • Shift Management: Simplified import and allocation of client shifts, enhancing communication with workers and clients.
  • Reporting: Efficient generation of client reports and seamless completion of the digital timesheet process for payroll.
  • Integration with Network Rail: McGinley can receive shifts from Network Rail's Signal system, automating the supply chain process and improving efficiency.

Automatic Import from Network Rail 'COOM'

Signal seamlessly creates shifts from COOM Orders, ensuring a smooth integration with Network Rail's scheduling system.

Automatic PDF Timesheets for the Client

Upon digital sign-off, Signal automatically generates PDF timesheets that comply with contractual obligations with Network Rail, simplifying client reporting.

Automatic Receipting File to Network Rail

Signal automates the generation of Receipting files for agency staff, efficiently handling Service Correction Orders and ensuring the correct format for actual hours, PO numbers, PO line numbers, and billing hours.

Additional Benefits for McGinley

McGinley derives further benefits from Signal, including Minimum Billing Hours and streamlined Pay and Charge Rates management, helping them optimise their operations.

In partnering with Signal, McGinley has achieved a remarkable transformation in rail worker management, enhancing efficiency, compliance, and overall operational effectiveness.

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