What are Signal's Digital Timesheets?
Signal's Digital Timesheets are versatile tools that allow rail companies to capture and manage employee work hours electronically. They come with features like digital signatures, GPS location stamps, and an authorization process, making the timesheet management process efficient and streamlined.
Can I use Signal's Digital Timesheets on any device?
Yes, Signal's Digital Timesheets are accessible on any device, whether it's a mobile phone or desktop computer. This flexibility enables employees to submit timesheets conveniently, regardless of their location.
How does the GPS location stamp work in Signal's Digital Timesheets?
Signal's Digital Timesheets digitally stamp each entry with the worker's GPS location and device information. This provides proof of signatures and helps track where the work was performed.
Does Signal's Digital Timesheets integrate with payroll systems?
Yes, Signal offers integration options for payroll systems. You can use the Signal© API or design an export file within Signal© that aligns with your specific payroll software. This allows for seamless transfer of shift time data to automate the payroll process.
How does Signal handle different types of staff in the same system?
Signal accommodates various types of staff, including permanent, contract, or temporary workers, within the same system. Permanent staff can create their own timesheets, while multiple temporary trackside staff can be added to the same timesheet for authorization. This integration with payroll eliminates manual data entry.
What is the role of Line Managers and Supervisors in Signal's Timesheet Portal?
Line Managers have access to a single weekly view of the employees they oversee, making it easy for them to view and approve timesheets and monitor real-time timesheet statuses. They can also send bulk reminder emails to employees to ensure timely approvals.
How can Signal's Digital Timesheets handle complex timesheet needs, such as task codes and custom fields?
Signal's Digital Timesheets offer flexibility in managing timesheets. You can create custom timesheet statuses and task codes to suit your specific requirements. These can be based on worker type, project, sub-project, or specific site. Additionally, custom fields can be integrated into the timesheet sign-off process.
Can Signal's Digital Timesheets handle weekly multi-worker contingent labour timesheets?
Yes, Signal's Digital Timesheets are designed to accommodate contingent labor supply agencies. They can issue weekly timesheets with break policies, minimum billing hours, and support swift digital sign-off by supervisors at various levels. The system also generates digitally signed timesheets and automatic receipting files with Purchase Order matching features.
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