Can employees use the Worker App to log their start and finish times?
Yes, employees can capture their actual start and finish times via the app, whether through GPS or manual entry, streamlining the time-logging process.
Is there a digital timesheet feature within the Worker App?
Absolutely! The app offers digital timesheets on any device, complete with digital signatures, GPS stamps, and an authorization process. It can even generate PDF timesheets based on any template design.
How does the app ensure employees are informed about shift changes?
The Worker App can automatically inform workers about shift changes through various means, including email, text, or push notifications, ensuring they always stay updated.
Can the Worker App calculate travel times to a shift location?
Yes, the app dynamically checks an employee's travel time before and after a shift and provides book on/off times accordingly. It even accounts for potential travel delays.
Do employees have the ability to modify shift times within the app?
The app can be configured to allow workers to edit shift times, manage their availability, view cancellations, and access detailed shift information, providing complete control in their hands.
How does the Worker App ensure accurate data capture with timesheet entries?
Every timesheet entry is stamped with the worker's GPS location and device info, ensuring proof of signature and accurate time logging.
Is the Worker App compatible with various devices?
Yes, the Worker App is designed to work seamlessly on a range of devices, be it smartphones, tablets, or desktops, ensuring accessibility for all workers.
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