What are Risk Assessments in Signal?
Risk Assessments in Signal are automated processes that evaluate factors such as exceedance, fatigue, and risk based on planned or actual working hours. These assessments help ensure worker safety and compliance with industry regulations.
How do Automatic Alerts work in Risk Assessments?
Signal's Risk Assessment feature automatically generates alerts when an exceedance or safety rule violation is detected. These alerts are indicated by a red alert icon and provide details when you hover over them.
What happens when an alert is triggered in Signal's Risk Assessments?
When an alert is triggered, Signal creates a Risk Assessment form that needs to be completed. The form captures a digital signature, time, date, and location stamp upon completion.
Who receives alerts and notifications in Signal's Risk Assessments?
Alerts can be directed to Line Managers, Supervisors, or specific departments as per your choice. These alerts inform them of employees who have exceeded safety rules, including level 1 and 2 exceedances, fatigue, and risk.
Can I customise Risk Assessments in Signal?
Yes, Signal allows you to customise Risk Assessments. You can build your own headings, comments, and questions, and use various field types, including multi-choice questions, dates, and free text fields. You can also assign weightings to each answer.
How is risk scored in Signal's Risk Assessments?
Risk scoring in Signal is based on the values assigned to questions and answers, along with their respective weightings. Once a Risk Assessment is completed, it automatically receives a colour-coded risk score of Low, Medium, or High.
Does Signal provide pre-built Risk Assessment templates?
Yes, Signal offers pre-built Risk Assessment templates as examples to help you get started. These templates follow best practices for risk assessment.
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