What is Signal's Fatigue & Compliance feature, and how does it work?
Signal's Fatigue & Compliance feature provides real-time fatigue and risk assessment for rail industry workers. It offers alerts based on planned or actual hours to ensure instant compliance with industry requirements. The system displays compliance alerts within the interface and allows users to generate compliance reports.
What is the Signal Passport, and how does it benefit rail industry workers?
The Signal Passport is a unique feature that unifies employee tracking across multiple tier 1 or tier 2 supplier systems. It matches employees by NI Number, providing a comprehensive measurement of fatigue across different suppliers, ensuring worker safety and compliance.
How does Signal handle exceedances and alerts in real-time?
Signal offers real-time compliance monitoring, including the ability to set system-wide regulations for worker safety or configure specific regulations for clients or individual employees. The system's real-time fatigue scores identify potential scheduling risks during shift planning and display them as alerts.
Can Signal generate working regulation reports for compliance monitoring?
Yes, Signal can generate and schedule working regulation reports for any specified date range, client, contract, or worker. These reports help organisations stay compliant with industry regulations and manage worker safety effectively.
What rail-specific compliance monitoring features does Signal offer?
Signal provides real-time colour-coded compliance alerts for passports, visa expiries, and custom compliance levels tailored to specific clients. The system also manages equipment, compliance documents, and rail-specific items such as medical assessments and PTS certifications.
How does Signal handle worker compliance notifications?
Signal automatically notifies workers of any compliance expiry or required actions, ensuring that all employees are up-to-date with their compliance requirements.
How does Signal ensure that only compliant staff are booked into shifts?
ignal's booking system only allows compliant staff to be scheduled for shifts. It can dynamically pull information from industry body check websites and existing business systems to verify worker compliance.
Does Signal offer equipment monitoring for worker safety?
Yes, Signal allows organisations to set up or import lists of equipment and vehicles and assign them to workers. This feature helps monitor equipment usage and ensures worker safety.
How does Signal handle GDPR compliance and worker privacy?
Signal offers key features that allow organisations to control the privacy of workers and staff, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations.
Can Signal provide risk assessments and fatigue management reports?
Yes, Signal offers risk assessment software for rail, including automatic alerts for employees who have exceeded safety rules or fatigue and risk levels. Fatigue management reports can be generated to create a comprehensive fatigue management plan.
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