What is Signal's Availability feature, and how does it work?
Signal's Availability feature provides an integrated way to manage worker availability efficiently. It allows you to view the entire worker list at a glance and capture availability for forward planning. You can use it to book holidays, training, and custom leave statuses, making scheduling and workforce management more streamlined.
What is the benefit of using custom statuses like 'Medical Restricted' in Signal's Availability feature?
Custom statuses like 'Medical Restricted' in Signal's Availability feature allow you to temporarily restrict worker bookings when there are medical issues that need resolution. This helps ensure the safety and well-being of workers while still managing scheduling effectively.
How does Signal's Availability feature help manage training, travel, and rest days?
Signal's Availability feature lets you configure fatigue, risk, and exceedance rules to apply the correct treatment to each type of availability, whether it's for holidays, training, travel, or rest days. This ensures that scheduling takes into account specific factors related to each type of availability, enhancing workforce management.
What is the Availability Calendar in Signal, and how can it be used proactively?
The Availability Calendar in Signal allows you to proactively store worker availability for both day and night shifts. It provides a visual display of all available workers by specialty, most booked site, and holiday. This feature helps you quickly identify and select available workers for scheduling.
Can workers be booked directly through Signal's Availability feature if their availability matches a planned shift?
Yes, Signal's Availability feature allows you to book workers with matching availability directly via a single tap. This streamlines the booking process and ensures that available workers are scheduled efficiently.
How does Signal's Radius & Mileage Search feature work in relation to worker availability?
Signal's Radius & Mileage Search feature helps you identify workers who are nearest to your work locations or any specified location or postcode. This enables you to roster workers quickly based on their proximity to the work site, improving scheduling efficiency.
Does Signal's Availability feature support the management of leave requests and holidays?
Yes, Signal's Availability feature allows workers to request leave with a simple tap on their mobile devices. Managers can easily approve or manage these requests in real-time, making it convenient to handle leave and holiday scheduling.
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